We offer modern rendering finishes over a wide range of surfaces.  These include coloured rendering, external wall cladding, cement rendering, solid plastering.  All lines are straight and all the surronding areas will remain spotlessly clean.  

It is important this is applied by profesionals like Super Finish Rendering to ensure a great quality finish.  Usually rendered with acrylic-based render.  Acrylic is applied in thin coats, and the final appearance is much superior to other renders.

A great way to modernise your house is to cover the dated brick exterior with a new rendered finish.  This will help improve the value of your house immensely.  This can be done quickly and a lot cheaper than you probably think!

Hebel Highbuild Render is applied on both internal and external hebel surfaces.  It levels irregularities and produces a high quality, trues surface.  Our modern hebel rendered surfaces are finished to perfection to allow a uniform textured appearance.

We use either acrylic render, or , or solid cement render.  Acrylic render is primarily used, yet if the walls are not true, sometimes we recommend solid cement render, where the render is applied a lot thicker, and then screeded to nice straight lines.





Texture Coat

The third coat in a four coat process.  A very durable product consisting of acrylic and polymers.  A very premium finished that should only be applied by professionals like Super Finish Renderers.  Just about all houses today are coated with texture coat render.